About Kym

Kym Akins AwardKym Akins is the owner and operator of Canby Trophies & Awards. The business has been in Canby for over 25 years and Kym took ownership 9 years ago. Kym went to school and grew up in Canby. She has an innate understanding of the businesses, schools, organizations and sports programs here.

Kym’s greatest satisfaction as a business owner is insuring her customers are happy with the results of the product she produces. For Kym, it’s important to understand the customers’ needs and then create the perfect solution for the occasion.

Kym believes “it is all about the details” when it comes to the development and design of the piece she is commissioned to fulfill at the customer’s request. For her, it is more than an award, ribbon or dog tag; it is a hand crafted work that will be cherished by the recipient for years to come. When it comes to quality, Kym proudly puts her name on it!

Questions? Call Kym Akins today at 503-266-7248.
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