For over 25 years, Canby Trophies & Awards has been a reliable source for engraved products to businesses of all sizes. Awards and Trophies are certainly a part of what we do, but Corporate-7did you know we are a major source of supply when it comes to name tags, name plates, rubber stamps, badges and many other engraved items a business needs?

If you own a business, or are the one responsible for purchasing engraved products, you know what a hassle it can be. Kym is great to work with and makes the process simple.  Canby Trophies & Awards can be your one stop source for engraved office supplies.

Perpetual Awards

Perpetual Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate multiple achievements with one award. Does your company recognize employees of the year? Perpetual Awards are the perfect way to celebrate any kind of achievement for years to come. It’s important to get the details right the first time too. Canby Trophies & Awards specializes in the details and a very reasonable turnaround time.

Service Awards

As a business, taking advantage of the value that a service award can offer as a component of your organization’s employee recognition processes can be a major benefit to the emotional health of the company. The service award can be a valuable component of an organization’s overall employee recognition efforts.
A service award is a proven method for a company to recognize employees for their longevity, tenure or a special project assignment. Service awards can come in many different styles and Canby Trophies & Awards has exactly what you need.

Name Tags

Name Badges make it easier for your staff to establish personal relationships with your customers, because customers really do want to know the name of the person they are doing business with. Name Badges are at the front-line of many businesses. They create a company-wide identification system; both internally and externally. In additional to making it easier for your staff and customers to interact, name tags naturally create an accountability system that can lead to better customer service. Customers are more likely to give feedback, good and bad, when they have an employee’s name.

Other Specialties

Here at Canby Trophies & Awards, we have just about everything you need for your corporate items that require some kind of engraving. We also do Rubber Stamps, Badges, Name Plates and everything in between. We would love to become your trusted source for engraved corporate items.

Name Tags
Name Plates
Rubber Stamps
Service Awards
Perpetual Awards

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